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Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2005;46: E-Abstract 4153.
© 2005 ARVO


Immature Neural Retinal Cells Integrate and Differentiate Into Photoreceptors When Transplanted Into the Mouse Subreitnal Space at Post–natal Day 1

R.E. MacLaren1,A, A. MacNeil1,A, R.A. Pearson1,B, J.C. Sowden1,B and R.R. Ali1,A

A Division of Molecular Therapy, Institute of Ophthalmology, B Developmental Biology Unit, Institute of Child Health, 1 University College London, London, United Kingdom

Commercial Relationships: R.E. MacLaren, None; A. MacNeil, None; R.A. Pearson, None; J.C. Sowden, None; R.R. Ali, None.

Support: Medical Research Council UK


Purpose: To determine the degree to which immature retinal cells can differentiate into photoreceptors when transplanted into the subretinal space at post–natal day 1 (P1)

Methods: Cells from dissociated P1 neural retinas were obtained from mice ubiquitously expressing green fluorescent protein (GFP) and transplanted into wild–type litter mates at P1. Approximately 50 000 cells were injected into the subretinal space.

Results: After three weeks, transplanted cells had integrated with the outer nuclear layer (ONL) of the neural retina. The majority of these GFP–expressing cells had the morphology of rod photoreceptors, showing a nucleus, spherules, inner and outer segments. Integration was significantly enhanced by retinal injury at the time of transplantation.


Immature neural retinal cells can migrate and differentiate to form correctly orientated and anatomically integrated photoreceptors when transplanted into the P1 eye.

Keywords: retina • transplantation • photoreceptors

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